Engaging Young Alumni to Support a Cause [VIDEO]

How do you foster a giving initiative with young alumni? With fun videos and a challenge, naturally!

The objective of this programming was to engage young alumni in giving and raise $5,000 for the Paul and Sherri Willis Endowment Fund for University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Ambassadors. Our team received 2nd place in the Publications and Projects Competition, Society Programming Division with the National Agricultural Alumni and Development competition for this project in 2019.

The CALS Ambassadors Summer Giving Challenge activity was successful in engaging alumni in giving and surpassing the goal of earning $5,000 toward the Paul and Sherri Willis College Ambassador Endowment Fund. With a target audience of 250+ college ambassador alumni, nearly 50 former ambassadors donated to this effort – more than doubling the initial goal and raising $11,375 for the endowment.

This programming was an effective effort in engaging our young alumni audience, an audience that can be challenging to reach. The programming involved social media and videos, a giving website, mailed postcards, and a mailed formal letter over the course of five weeks. The mailed postcard was sent at the beginning of the campaign, and the letter was mailed in the middle of the campaign.

A total of 10 videos were shared during the duration of the campaign in the CALS Ambassadors Alumni Facebook group. Videos announcing the challenge, reminding audiences of the half-way point, and showing the total amount raised for the endowment were shared on the CALS social media pages. A reminder 30-second funny video was shared in the alumni Facebook group each Friday of the campaign. The total amount raised was announced at the current CALS Ambassadors’ training before the start of the fall semester, and a video of the ambassadors saying ‘thank you’ was shared with the ambassador alumni and donors to the effort.

Playlist of all 10 videos: http://bit.ly/WillisCampaign

We earned the following social media analytics:

  • Instagram: 4 actions, 23 likes, 230 views, 1,108 impressions, 791 reached
  • Facebook Alumni Group (231 Ambassador Alumni): 118 reactions, 23 comments, 17 shares

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