Do college students know the importance of the U.S. Constitution?

(VIDEO) Do college students know the importance of the U.S. Constitution?

I filmed and edited this video while Digital Strategist at The James Madison Institute. I worked on the communications team in creating the script and designing the project to advertise The James Madison Institute’s Constitution Day events on Florida college campuses. View the video here:

Additionally, I made the social media campaign and flyers to promote the Constitution Day events. The video received more than 69,000 impressions in one week.

Business Cards for

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.07.56 PM

The blog is a Florida cultural and heritage blog site as part of The James Madison Institute. As the Digital Strategist for JMI, I designed these business card-sized publicity materials to easily share what “The Verve” is with others who are interested in either contributing or reading its contents. The back and front of the card can be viewed here.

2015 Legislative Review

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While working as the Digital Strategist for The James Madison Institute, I designed and edited copy for this published six-page document that wrapped up the 2015 Florida legislative session and shared how session fit with JMI’s legislative priorities and how JMI effected change. The full publication can be viewed here.

Bradford teen parents, students offered parenting course

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As part of my senior journalism program Capstone course, I investigated and reported on education topics in Bradford County, Florida. In my research I came across a teen parenting program where Bradford County educators may have discovered a way to counteract the high dropout rate of teen parents in the area. The full video and supplemental written story published on the WUFT-FM website can be found here.


New Leaf Market Farm Tours

The New Leaf Market Farm Tours is an annual event held in Tallahassee each fall where locals can tour different farms surrounding Leon County. I took all of these images, and the close-up picture of the man picking peas was awarded 1st place in the 2012 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards in Region 3.

After Justin Beiber's name is clicked.

Top Twitter User Charities

As part of experimentation with data visualization using Adobe InDesign, I created this interactive graphic showing the charities supported by the 2o top most followed users on Twitter (last updated Dec. 5, 2011 at 5:13 p.m.). When each name is clicked, the charities that Twitter user supports will darken. Unfortunately, since the file is too large, it cannot be seen on this website, but you can see the before and after image when”Justin Beiber’s” name is clicked.